Meet the Roy Team

Duane, Zoran, Shadi, Darrin and Trevor

The Roy Team

Knowledge meets Service

Duane Roy


16 years in the financial industry has taught Duane that there is always a way to get the client a better deal. It just takes commitment and service.

Duane is a past accountant with experience across tax analysis, investments, and mortgages.  Working with Duane and his team gives you a unique view on your financials and presents clear and often surprising options for next steps.

Duane’s ability to see the big picture while making critical adjustments is why the Roy Team was Ontario’s Mortgage Broker of the Year in 2018. He insists on unflagging service and attention to detail across the team.

Zoran Odovic


Zoran seeks out and thrives in challenging environments. Working with new buyers and small business owners puts his 13 years of mortgage broker experience to full use.

With a background in banking, Zoran understands that a combination of relentless service and effort is a difference-maker. He enjoys the Roy Team’s commitment to those values and the satisfaction that comes with helping people buy a home.

Zoran’s vast financial experience, relationships and knowledge adds a senior resource and sounding board to the Roy Team across countless financing scenarios.

A family man and amateur soccer coach, Zoran also helps student athletes secure sports scholarships in the United States.

Shadi Moukhaiber


With roots in Western Canada, Shadi has over 18 years of financial experience, accumulating extensive knowledge in residential and commercial finance.

A volunteer and youth mentor, Shadi embodies the blend of service and knowledge that drives the Roy Team.  Shadi excels at securing financing for new Canadians who are buying their first home. Like his Roy Team peers, he enjoys that his effort and expertise can literally  open doors. 

Shadi’s work ethic and integrity are a great fit for the Roy Team. His Canada-wide relationships with banks, credit unions and lenders bring even more depth and flexibility to our solutions. 


Trevor Staffford

Trevor Stafford


Trevor has 25 years of experience at the intersection of marketing communications and best practices. With a few entrepreneurial detours along the way.

At the Roy Team, Trevor builds systems to help clients stay informed and educated. He ensures that Roy Team members are responsive and provide the high levels of service that are expected.