Mortgages are complicated.
That's a good thing.

We use the complex rules, ratios and loopholes of the mortgage world to qualify you for more at better rates. 

If this is your first home, are self-employed, or have multiple sources of income, we are the people you should talk to.

We’re the Roy Team. We know that the Deal is in the Details

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The Roy Team Difference


We're Experts

Our team has backgrounds in accounting and banking. We know the rules and the loopholes.


We're Specialists

Most of our clients are first-time buyers, the self-employed and ‘working landlords’. 


Our Relationships

We’re on a first name basis with decision makers at more than 20 lenders. In a tight deal, that matters. 


We Work Small and Close Big

We’re a Top 50 brokerage by volume and work closely with 100s of Realtors

You are more than an application

Most mortgage brokers do one thing. We do three.

Most brokers process your application and connect you with a lender. That’s lazy.

The Roy Team adds these essential steps: 

1. We maximize how much you qualify for by analyzing, framing and tweaking your financials. They put forward mortgage applications tailored to each lender.

2. We stay with you through the whole process. Not just the easy bits. If something goes wrong at the 11th hour, they are right there.

Most brokers only want easy mortgages. We want the tough ones.

Tax Record Analysis

Your T4 or assessment isn’t just what you earned. Our accounting background lets us look deeper, and reframe your borrowing power. Think of it like Photoshop for your finances.

First-Time Buyers

There are numerous programs and strategies that first-timers can leverage to give their borrow a big bump and put that first foot on the property ladder. We know them. We use them.

Ratio expertise

“Yes” or “No” from a mortgage lender often comes down to the relationship between income, downpayment and risk.  We know which lenders like which numbers, and how to make your financial equation look like a ‘Yes’.

Our belief: There is always a way

We expect that some mortgages are going to be tricky. We love tricky. Why? Because it feels good to use your expertise to help people. We see ‘no’ as ‘not yet’. We Get. Deals. Done.

Duane Roy of the Roy Team


Duane Roy

Duane has 20+ years of experience in accounting, tax management and mortgages. He has extensive condo and pre-construction experience, having worked for Brad Lamb developments and as a ‘go-to mortgage guy’ at other brokerages.

He brings two key approaches to his business and his team: 

  1. “I always assume that a better deal is can be found. Our job is knowing where to look. That’s why we never stop learning the nuances and minutia of mortgages. Success is applyng that learning every day”
  2. “We are in the business of helping people.  Going beyond what’s expected is a great way to grow a business and an even better way to grow yourself.” 

$50 Million in mortgages in 2019!

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